GET LEAN, GO GREEN in 2016! Affordable Fitness…24/7 Get Lean-Go Green

Affordable Fitness…24/7 AC4 Fitness is a Private Key Club for Adults Providing 24/7 Access to 2 Clubs at 1 Great Price–and No Sales People.
Get Lean-Go Green Balancing responsibility and profitability, AC4 Fitness uses electricity-generating equipment to reduce our carbon footprint.

AC4 Fitness: Santa Barbara and Goleta’s Only 24 Hour Self-Service Health Club–Family Owned and Operated.

Shape Magazine named AC4 Fitness the Eco-Friendliest Gym in America:

  • SIMPLE: You want a club that doesn’t traumatize you with options and choices…streamlined and simplified, focused on what most members want.
  • AFFORDABLE: You want a club that fits your budget…Month-to-Month Memberships with No ornery contracts.
  • COMFORTABLE: You want a club where you fit in…a health club for people who exercise to live, not live to exercise, AND No Sales People!
  • CONVENIENT: You want a club that fits your schedule…how about unlimited access 24/7 with your own key.
  • A LITTLE GREEN: You want to be smart…taking care of the environment while taking care of yourself just makes sense.

Learn more about the AC4 Fitness DIFFERENCE.

Two Convenient Locations

Santa Barbara  (map it)
3883 La Cumbre Plaza Lane
Santa Barbara, CA 93105

Goleta (map it)
52 N. Fairview
Goleta, CA 93117

Get Lean – Go Green

...with ReRev, a patent-pending that converts human energy into a usable form of renewable energy. Learn more here.

Daily Massage?

Would you like to enjoy a ten-minute hydro-massage with every workout? Well you can at AC4 Fitness.

30-Minute Workout

Don't take our word that you only need 30 minutes for health-inducing workout. Take this guy's word...