Go Green

Good for you. Good for the Environment.

You could say that social responsibility as a value is woven into AC4's DNA. While it costs more to operate a company this way, we believe that green business tactics are a matter of good stewardship and that as advocates of a healthy lifestyle we should take the same care with the environment as we do with our own bodies.

<h1>SHAPE Magazine</h1>

SHAPE Magazine

Shape Magazine is a monthly fitness magazine started by Weider Publications in 1981. It is the number one women's fitness magazine.

Shape Magazine named AC4 Fitness the Eco-Friendliest Gym in America. AC4 Fitness then also made their top 20 coolest clubs in America list.



Your movement is converted to DC (Direct Current) and sent to the ReRev system.

The ReRev System converts DC current into AC (alternating Current), the form of electricty used by AC4 Fitness.

The converted AC is then used by AC4 Fitness to power lights, TVs, and other cardio equipment.


In conjunction with Santa Barbara Water Company, AC4 Fitness has provided members with an opportunity to help us in our fight against landfill waste. Over 1.5 million tons of discarded plastic bottles are dumped into our landfills every year. In order to reduce this level of mass waste, Santa Barbara Water Company has developed a system known as ECO-Water, which dispenses high-quality drinking water without adding to the plastic in the world. PH and mineral content vary based upon how the water is produced, and Santa Barbara Water Company took this into consideration as well, producing two different varieties of PH—“neutral PH” and “high PH.” Besides having a different taste, it is believed by some that high PH water has certain health benefits, including treatment for acid reflux, improved bone health, and enhanced exercise recovery. Members are welcome to fill their reusable water bottles with either option. We hope you enjoy this FREE service provided by Santa Barbara Water Company.


Introducing an ECO-Safe soft water solution. Unlike other soft water treatments, Pearl-Soft is a filtration and soft mineralization system that protects your health, while leaving a zero-carbon footprint! It involves no water, no waste, no chemicals, and no electricity. For our purposes here at AC4 Fitness, Pearl-Soft water provides the benefits of soft water--including the removal of impurities such as toxic chemicals and organic compounds that can affect the skin and lungs--without the environmental impact. It also provides protection of plumbing, appliances, and other plumbing fixtures and surfaces. We hope you enjoy this FREE service provided by Santa Barbara Water Company.
<h1>PEARL-SOFT Water</h1>

Here’s some of what we do:

Human-powered equipment feeds the grid with renewable energy
No-electricity Treadmill burns 30% more calories
Produced from 100% post-consumer recycled HDPE
We recycle your plastic bottles
We encourage re-use of plastic water bottles by providing high quality filtered drinking H2O
Don’t worry, we do have toilet paper
We also employ soft water treatment
We work with green cleaning products and solutions for your health (and the environment's health)